La Vie Parisienne - Vintage Art Poster

This is a vintage french sheet music poster, titled "La Vie Parisienne"

A fantastic vintage artwork perfect for your home wall decor.
Add a frame and it would make the perfect retro decoration in your bar, cafe, restaurant, home theater, office or kitchen.
Also makes an exceptional gift for any occasion or holiday.

It comes in come in 5 paper types, including premium canvas (18 mil thick)!

Also if you so desire, it comes with custom framing options!
Awesome artwork!

Make Your Own Round Christmas Ornament!

Make your own round Christmas Tree Ornament!
Turn your favorite photo or portrait into a Christmas Ornament!

Made of white ceramic, this ornament features full color, full bleed printing on both sides, and has a strand of gold thread to allow you to display this fantastic keepsake!
Also, since you are doing all the designing, this ornament comes at the base price, without the designers fees added to it, so its priced the LOWEST!

Caroling, Caroling - Christmas Tree Ornament

This is a premium, square, metal, christmas tree ornament.
It features the painting, titled "Caroling, Caroling" by Diane Duda

A silver colored metal ornament, it features full-color, full-bleed printing.
And its UV resistant and waterproof too!