The Most Beautiful, Sweet, Lovely Mother's Day Cards...Ever!

What makes these cards an essential on Mother's Day?
1) One, they can be held in ones hands... they don't need the computer to be ON to be viewed... They all come in a form, ready 'n meant to be treasured, 'n to be put onto the mantlepiece
2) Two, you may Customize these Cards with your greetings, message, note, pictures.... in other words you may add unlimited text and unlimited images to the front, inside, back, anyplace on the card... at no extra charge!
3) Three, these Cards have been created by some of the best Zazzle artists!
4) and lastly Four, each of these cards has been hand-picked by me, from amongst thousands at Zazzle! They are the very best works, of some of the very best artists! and they are selected with only one purpose in mind - to help you make the day, beautiful and special, for your Mum, granma, wife, mom-in-law, godmother, for the very special 'women' in your life!

Clicking on a Card, takes you to its Zazzle page, where you can
i) view the card in zoom and view the front, inside 'n back of the card!
ii) Customize!! yes Customize the card with your own greeting, message or text and photo, picture or images!
iii) place an order alongwith any coupon code applicable! even ship the card directly to the recipient!

Your orders are processed by Zazzle, and are backed by its exceptional Customer Service, Product & Print Quality and a 30-day money back Guarantee.

Here are The Best Mother's Day Cards! Hand-Picked for you!

Mothers' CardChildhood - Mother's Day Card - Art for your mom! - Remember how happy you were as a child. You have your mom to thank for that. :)Mother's Day Fairy Card, I'll Forever Love You Card - From the original watercolor fantasy art of Molly Harrison.
Ilove you....this much - Happy Mother's Day Card - Art by Austin Crosthwaite.Mother and Baby Fairy Greeting Card - 'Simple Serenity'Happy Mother's Day Card

Happy Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Card - Still Waters Fantasy Art by Molly HarrisonMother and Son - Mother's Day Card - A primitive little Mother's day card from a son to his mother.
Mother's Day Greeting Card With Baby Girl - A purr-fectly sweet design for Mommy's of Baby Girls on Mother's Day. This is original artwork by Jamie Wogan Edwards.Mother's Day Baking Card - Some of favourite childhood memories are baking with my own mother. This card is a tribute to that special bond between a girl, her Mom and a mixer!Boys Will Be Boys - For Mom Card
I Love You a Hole Bunch Mom Cat Card - Cartoon Cat Mother's Day Card - Here's a cute Mother's Day card for your Mom Cat! It's a playful cartoon kitty cat and has extra love hearts and messages inside. Front: 'Mom, I love you a hole bunch', Inside left: 'and I mean it from the bottom of my...', Next part inside: 'Happy Mother's Day, (you're the cat's meow)' Then a customized field for you to personalize your message inside.Mom's favorite sayings Card - Quotes moms love to use, such as 'Don't make me come in there.' and 'Because I said so, that's why', on funny gifts for her. Let your mother know you've always listened to her and you can prove it.Mother's Day Card - I love you Mom!
Mothers Day CardThe Best Mother in the World CardThe Best Mom in the World Card
To The Best Of Mothers Card - Beautiful red and pink roses, and a horseshoe for luck, to the best of mothers. Vintage art, 1912.Mother's Day - #1 Mom - Greeting Card'To My Wife' Mother's Day Card - Mother's Day Card from husband to wife....pic of greenery in a basket hanging on a wooden fence, with hen-and-chicks-hook, and wood sign saying: 'Hugs & Kisses',,,,,and 'To.....' Inside: '.....MY WIFE, For being the wonderful mother you are to our children. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY'....card is a light green on the inside.
Mother's Day Chicken Art Card - Mother's Day animal artwork. Original drawing by PDCarter of a cute bunch of baby chicks following mom and dad across the front of this unique card, made to be from a child to his or her mom.Swan's Mothers Day Card - A greeting card for mother's day featuring a digital illustration of a white mother swan and her little grey baby cygnet swimming in a river.Mom's Reflection Card - Turn over Mom and it spells WOW! Of course it does! What better word to describe MOM!
Flowers, Dots and Stripes Card - A beautiful flower design, great for a Mother's Day card! The perfect card for moms who love flovers!Sunflower Bird Mother's Day Card - Colored pencil illustration of a cute little bird sitting in a window of a green wall, holding a sunflower in its beak.Best Mom In The World Card - Let Mom know how special she is to you with this lovely daisy card. Original Marianne Gilliand 2d and 3d artwork.
Daisy Mother's Day Card - Cute and simple Mother's Day card sure to bring a smile to her face. Card can have a custom message or can be left blank to hand write those words of love.Happy Mother's Day Card - 'I am glad you're my mom....'. Happy Mother's Day to everybody!Just like you - Mother's Day Card
You rule! - Greeting CardMother and Child Card - Mothering Sunday CardHappy Mother's Day Greeting Card - Country floral prints, felt look ribbon and a card within a card! You can customize the inside, add your own text, or leave as is and sign when you get it home!
Van Gogh Blossoming Almond Tree Mother's Day Card - Beautiful painting of a flowering almond tree created in 1890 by the Dutch post-impressionist artist, Vincent Van Gogh.Red Orchid - Happy Mother's Day Card - Photography & Design by Sabine Steinmueller.Godmother on Mother's Day Card - Lovely arrangement of white flowers for a Special Godmother on Mother's Day. Personalize the inside text inside areas and outside too if you wish.
Happy Mother's Day! Card - for Granny! - A nice and elegant card for Mother's Day greetings.Lily of the Valley Mother's Day Card - Colored pencil illustration of the sweet, pretty, white bell-shaped Lily of the Valley flower.Country Frame Card - A country style design with flowers for Mothers Day.
Mothers Day Card - Roses with 'Happy Mothers Day' on inside.Rose - Mother's Day Card - Mixed media painting.Upside Down - Mother's Day Card
Mothers Day Card - The hand that rocks the cradle - original art by rcooleWrinkles - Mother's Day CardMother's day card with a cute cartoon girl offering flowers and saying 'Happy Mother's Day'.
My Mother, My Best Friend CardFlower Girl Mother's Day Card - Girl holding a giant flower.Jumping Girl Card - illustrated girl jumping with hearts for Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day Greeting CardMother's Day Card - Diploma image on the rich olive background with ornamental decorative stripe, graduation cap and inscription 'Congratulations Mom on Ph.D in mothering' in distressed gold leaf look.Dotty Over You! Mother's Day Card - White dots on a pink background and a white heart on a green background. A sweet, simple expression of love.
Mother's Day Card - Mountains of appreciation and love for all she's done!Mother's Day - Mum You're Fab CardThank You Mom Card - Spring inspired Mother's Day card has a fresh feel to it. Inside gives thanks to mom for all she did for us growing up. Original Marianne Gilliand 2d artwork.
Beautiful and Crafty Mother's Day CardFloral Deco Mother's Day Card - Pretty floral deco ornate Mother's Day card.Happy Mother's Day Spring Pink Tulips Card
Happy Mother's Day Red Flowers CardHappy Mother's Day Greeting CardPink and Purple Flowers Mother's Day Card - Cute pink and purple flowers with a gold fleck on a blue background which has a recycled paper look.
Happy Mother's Day Wife - A card with the colors of nature and some illustrated roses for your wife on Mothers Day.Daffodil Mother's Day Card - Funny card - Inside Reads: Without me, you wouldn't have a Mother's Day. Do you need a moment to think about it? Happy Mother's Day!Happy Mothers Day! Card
Mother's Day Blossoms Card - Inside text: 'It wasn't my education that truly prepared me for life. It was the afternoons together, the kitchen chats, cups of coffee, thoughts and advice you shared during mundane daily drives, that have made me who I am. You shared your heart with me even when I didn't seem to listen. I was listening. Thank you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day'.Patchwork Flowers Card - A card with an artsy patchwork of colors and flowers for Mothers Day.Pretty in Plaid Mother's Day Card - A very feminine plaid design in pink, orange and green. Message on the front says 'Happy Mother's Day'. Inside message says 'Thinking of you and wanting you to know how much happiness you're wished on this day - and always!' You may change either message as you'd like.
Happy Mother's Day! CardSakura - Happy Mother's Day Card - Photography & Design by Sabine Steinmueller.Custom Mother's Day Card - This cute and cuddly Baby announces your special message for Mother's Day.
Mother's Day Card - Beatrix the Bee has been busy gathering honey, she has a bucketful of honey now, what a fruitful day for her! :D A sweet card for a mum who labors with love for her family!For Mum Card - Show your mum you care with this cute card.Sunshine Mother's Day Card - Let your mom know she is the sunshine in your life with this cute design!
Romino - Happy Mother's Day Card - Art by Austin Crosthwaite.Heart in Hand Mother's Day Card - With my heart in my hand... I say I love you Mom!Mother's Day Card
Mother's Love CardMom... Card - Thank you for being my Mom. Happy Mother's Day.Mother's Day Tea Card - Inside text: 'It wasn't my education that truly prepared me for life. It was the afternoons together, the kitchen chats, cups of coffee, thoughts and advice you shared during mundane daily drives, that have made me who I am. You shared your heart with me even when I didn't seem to listen. I was listening. Thank you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day'.
Mother's Day Records Card - Inside text: 'You rock. Happy Mother's Day'.Mom in Different Languages Mother's Day CardMother's Day For Teachers Card - A cute way for your child to thank his or her teacher on mother's day.
Times Card - A cute and loving space alien card for mother's day! Enjoy!Create Your Own Custom Photo Card!Create Your Own Custom Greetings Card!

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I hope this collection will help you make a moment 'beautiful' and 'special', for the people you love,

best regards,

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