Gifts - The Best Keds for Mothers Day!

What makes these Designer Keds the best gifts for Mothers Day?
1) One, you may put initials, monogram, a message, a photo ... in other words unlimited text and unlimited images on them, at no extra-charge!
2) Two, they are designed by some of the best artists at Zazzle!
3) Three, these Keds are a combination of Style and Comfort, they are the undisputable wardrobe essential for every woman! They are the highest quality footwear with unparalleled printing brilliance that withstands the wear and tear of everyday life. A fashion staple of many, classic and cool!
4) Four, you may customize them completely, change the colors of everything right from the stitching to the shoe-laces,... change the style of the shoe to lace-ups or slip-ons,... all this at no extra-charge!
5) And lastly Five, each of these Keds has been hand-picked from amongst thousands, by me. I am a shoe designer and a Zazzle artist myself. I've three Shoe stores of my own, Dai Bando PRO-Keds, Dai Bando Womens' & Dai Bando Kids' and a Zazzle store by the name RenascencePub's Store. Zazzle has thousands of Designer Keds, I've selected and brought together only the very best Keds for you to choose from 'n to help you make this Mother's Day the most 'special' for your Mum, granma, wife, mom-in-law, godmother, for the very special 'women' in your life!

To help you view the Keds more closely, Clicking on a Keds listed here, will take you to its Zazzle page, where you can
i) view the Keds in zoom and rotate the Keds to view it from all sides!
ii) change the 'size' and change the 'color' of everything on the Keds, right from the shoe-laces to the stitching! even change the 'style' of the Keds from its original style to a slip-on or a lace-up!
iii) Customize!! yes Customize the Keds with your initials, message or text and photo, picture or images!
iv) place an order alongwith any coupon code applicable! even ship the Keds directly to the recipient!

All your orders are processed by Zazzle, and are backed by its exceptional Customer Service, Product & Print Quality.

Here are The Hand-picked, Best Keds for Mother's Day!

Garden Path Keds - Fresh and pretty orange flowers and twining leafy vines and scrolls. Cheerful fun design on these keds mean you step into spring with style and comfort.JDS Lace Up Sneaker - 80's inspied printed sneaker by Ben Warwas.Grow Wild Keds - floral keds
Snakeshead design Keds Shoes - Snakeshead printed cotton designed by William Morris, 1876.Australian Kangaroo Green n Gold KedsDoodle Keds

Dancing Lady Keds
Superstar Kicks Keds - These cool vintage distressed style shoes will really bring out the superstar in you. Wear them to drama class, a reality show audition, or anywhere, any time you want the world to know I am a star!Classic Black Womens' Dress Slip-ons!
Retro Flowers KedsGarden Shadows Keds - Beautiful floral vines and scrolls traced over brown grunge background. Cool tone on tone effect make these keds unique and lovely for gifts or keeping for yourself.Classic Coffee Brown Womens Slip-ons!
Classic Green and Gold Polka Dots Womens Slip-ons!Light Green Womens Tennis ShoesLight Brown Womens Tennis Shoes
Classic Yellow Polka Dots Womens Slip-ons!Love Birds Keds - Gotta love the pink. It makes a great spring color. Wear these shoes to the beach or to any where else you go. Wear with your favorite pair of jeans and tank top too.De-la-Izod Slate Heather Pink Gray Argyle Print Keds
Pink Polka KedsPink Ethnic Embroidery Shoes - Customizable mini slip on shoes for women with ethnic embroidery pattern on pink.Keds Pink Ribbon Stylized Keds
Customized KedsWilliam Morris Indigo Inspired Shoes - Covered in the Indigo pattern of William Morris, a timeless pattern that includes gold and navy or indigo blue, flowers, scrollwork. These shoes look so much more expensive than they are!Classic Black Polka Dots Womens Slip-ons!
Retro Slip On KedsDesigner Asian Themed Japanese Umbrella ShoesPeony Motif Keds Shoe - A sweet and elegant Peony flower motif, suitable for any occasions.
Floral Feet Keds - Nothing like wearing spring flower designs on your feet! Make them happy!Light Fragrance Mini Slip On - Unique sneakers designed by Olympia. They are adorned with white outlined flowers on white, finished with ivory (ecru) trims.Cream Damask Designer Shoes - Ivory Cream Damask Gold Leaves and Vines Designer Keds - also great for wedding and bridal showers!
Snowflakes Mini Slip On Shoes - Simple and light snow flakes on this mini-slip on shoe with raidence blue insole and trim accent.Womens Lace Up Floral Keds - these pretty flowers will put a spring into your step.Yellow Roses Keds
Retro Swirls Keds - Orange/khaki swirls and daisies on cream background.Printed Calico - Women's KedsFractal of Flowers Keds
G5 Black Mini Slip-on Keds - black and white herringbone 'Byben' print sneakerKaleidoscope Keds - ladies keds lace up shoeBlack and White Daisy Shoes - White daisies on black background make the perfect fun pair of casuals to run around in during the day.
SG Disco Laces Keds - Solid Gold disco print low laces.Tropical Flowers Hawaiian Dreams Vacation Slip On - Great for cruises vacations and just every day!From The Garden Keds
Floral Pattern KedsMidnight Floral Keds - Lovely pastel fantasy flowers on black background - Pastel shades of aqua and pale gold on black backgroud make these Keds both elegant and unusual. The pattern is bold with graceful vine curls amoung the leaves.L'Ermitage Alphonse Marie Mucha - Customized Keds
Summer Sunset KedsKoi Fish Lace up Keds - From artwork inspired by Japanese tattoos.Anakin Skywalker Keds
Dots Green Keds - Pop ArtRetro Circles Lace Up ShoesRetro Circles Keds - Fun retro circles pattern.
Funky Retro Women's ShoesI Like Chocolate Mini Slip On Keds - A unique design of white and black flowers on blue adorns these comfortable sneakers. A great gift for any woman.Women's Lace Up - bold and colorful floral patterns with a whimsical feel and a vintage vibe.
Artistic ShoeDancing in the dark KedsStripes & Flowers Women's Champion Lace Up Keds
Super Girly KedsFlower Power KedsGarden Flowers Keds - Vintage Art
60's Cute Little Flowers Red Sassy Ladies Keds - This shoes are made to be worn with a great pair of jeans, sassy shorts or cute long 60's style dress or skirt.Classic Dusty Pink Houndstooth Ladies KedsCoin Pattern in Grey Keds
Classic Red Polka Dots Womens Slip-ons!Hot Red Womens Tennis ShoesBlack and White Vintage Saddle Shoe - Like the good ol days!
Crazy flower red and black design KedsCoral Stripe Womens Tennis ShoesBeautiful Classic Elegant Floral Womens Slip-ons!
Bird and Flowers Lace Up KedsVintage Pattern KedsModern Squares Mini Slip Ons - Modern Squares Mini Slip Ons. A unique design of black squares, grey stripes and flowers adorns these comfortable sneakers. A great gift for any woman.
Pink Argyle Sneakers - Pink Argyle sneakers feature white fancy argyle on a black background and black trim. Our pink argyle shoes can be customized further by changing the trim, laces, or even the background color from black to one of over a dozen colors!Retro Shades of Blue - Lace Up ShoesSt. Jovan's Bay Vivid Blue Green Argyle Print Keds
Multicolor Textile Ladies Keds - These multicolored textured 'textile' lace up canvas shoes are sure to go with just about everything.Spring Flower Womens Tennis ShoesBlue Stripes Keds
Stripe Pattern Summer KedsBlack and White Zebra Print Womens Slip-ons!Classic Cream and Black Womens Slip-ons!
Create Your Own Womens Canvas Mini Slip-ons!Create Your Own Womens Canvas Lace Up Shoes!Create Your Own Custom Womens Canvas Slip-on Sneakers!

One small tip : if you like the artwork present on a Keds, and would like to have that artwork on a card or on a poster or on any another product too -> In this case visit the artist's Zazzle store
(click on the Keds, this'll take you to the artist's Zazzle store)
and in all probability you'll find the product of your choice with that artwork there!

I hope this collection will help you make a moment 'beautiful' and 'special', for the people you love,

best regards,

P.S. This Collection is also featured in the gallery Enchanté - The Best in Gifts and on Squidoo.


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